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Sturgis - Goodbye to 2021 – Hello to 2022

Sturgis mayor reflects on the year
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Town of Sturgis Mayor Don Olson gave his projected view for the new year for the Town of Sturgis.

STURGIS - Town of Sturgis Mayor Don Olson gave his projected view for the new year for the Town of Sturgis

“I don’t think anyone was sad to see 2021 end, we still had to contend with the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and our area ag producers plugged through a year of drought, suffering well below average crop yields,” said Olson.

“Less money to spend by our agriculture producers will transcend into a cautious spending economy for the first half of 2022. But, a new year always bring optimism, so let’s all hope for a better 2022.

“The year 2021 was the first for the newly elected Council in the Town of Sturgis. We have a mix of old and new members of Council consisting of five men (including the mayor) and two women. And with our CAO present at our meetings, we are very evenly balanced giving an excellent perspective of the issues at hand. It was a learning year for everyone to get to know one another and develop a working relationship of understanding and respect. 2021 was a good year, for maintaining all staff and the hiring of a new full-time maintenance person in the fall (his time split between the arena during the winter months and town duties during the summer).

“We purchased and upgraded our heavy-duty equipment fleet and town assets. There was no municipal mill rate increase in property taxes. Extensive expansion was made to our Community Park down by the Assiniboine River and the Christmas Light Tour. Congratulations to all our volunteers and businesses. We hope to make this an annual event, adding to it each year.

“The Town hired a Planning Consultant to start writing an Official Community Plan for the Town (two-year project) to begin and augment the Strategic Panning Process for the future.

“We successfully received a 90 per cent grant from FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities) for the writing of an Asset Management Plan for the town, hired a consultant to help write the plan for us beginning in 2022, and successfully executed a new Mutual Aid Agreement with the surrounding municipalities.

“What’s ahead for 2022 for the Town of Sturgis? A new year always brings optimism and hope for better times and the Town of Sturgis is certainly planning for a better year, including the construction of a Disc Golf Course around the sports ground area.

“Our major capital construction project for the new year will be installing the water and sewer infrastructure in our newly surveyed sub-division. The cost of this project is being underwritten by our accumulated Federal Gas Tax grant money. If we don’t spend it, we will have to return it and that is a no-no.

“Other plans are to complete our Official Community Plan, write our Asset Management Plan for the Town and the printing of new town maps, as well as promoting our community for growth.

“We are all looking forward to a better year in 2022. Best wishes from the Town of Sturgis,” concluded Olson.