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BGC hosts Terriers for dodgeball

Organizers hope other groups will consider participating in future gym nights.
BGC youth participated in a friendly dodgeball match against the Yorkton Terriers the evening of Jan. 26.

YORKTON – The Yorkton Terriers made some new fans at the BGC's gym night Jan. 26 at Columbia School.

The Terriers took part in a friendly game of dodgeball with the kids, who were thrilled to meet their local heroes.

“On Friday night we invited the Yorkton Terriers to come over and join us at our gym night that we hold at Columbia School every Friday night,” said Amanda Ring, Program Team Lead at BGC Yorkton. 

“It just happened to be our dodgeball night so it was great. When the Terriers got there the kids asked right away for the first game to be all the kids against the Terriers so it was perfect," said Ring.

Ring said the youth participants were “starstruck” with the Terriers there. 

“It was just wonderful to have those guys there to spend time with the kids,” said Ring, adding, “I don’t know if Terriers sometimes realize how much of a star they are to these kids.”

Ring said it’s these types of interactions she’d like to see happen more regularly with other groups in the city. 

“I’d love to have them come in a little bit more just to give them that exposure to our kids and for our kids to get that exposure to them as well,” she said, adding “not always can our kids get to go to a hockey game and stuff like that … to have them come in and hang out with them outside of hockey is really cool for them to have that opportunity.”

Ring said that BGC Yorkton is always looking for ways to connect with the community and offer more activities for the kids. 

“We are going to look at maybe doing something with the Yorkton Maulers,” said Ring, adding, “if any groups are ever looking for something to do we’d love to have them here.”