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Bike rodeo kicks off weekly events for city

Park parties to follow in coming weeks.

YORKTON – On Thursday evening, adults and children gathered at the Yorkton Public Library parking lot to partake in a bike rodeo.

"Tonight we have our community bike rodeo which is a joint initiative with the City of Yorkton and the Yorkton Active Transportation Collaborative," said Julia Schofer, Program Services Manager for the City of Yorkton.

"Residence were able to come down and take a chance at the obstacle course with their bike, get a helmet check to make sure they're wearing it properly and some information on bike safety," said Schofer.

"We have been running the community bike rodeo for a few years – the last one we held was in 2019 and this is actually our first return back with the bike rodeo since public health restrictions [were] lifted," said Schofer, adding, "we are happy to be back – we're happy to be back out in the community and getting all community activities up and going – not just the bike rodeo."

Schofer said that more programs and gatherings are to come in the near future.

"Next week we have our park party on Tuesday, June 14 – that will be at Tupper park from 5-7 pm,"  said Schofer, adding, "we have Parkland Disc Golf coming out, Paws and Claws [Animal Rescue]  are coming out as well, and Joe Beeverz is going to be out as well supplying food."

"We're also going to be having another one on Wednesday, June 22, at Ukranian Pioneer Park from 5-7 pm," said Schofer.

Schofer said that along with Joe Beeverz and Paws and Claws, Sacred Heart's rock group, 'Channel 22', will be performing at the park party as well.

"As things keep going we're adding new guests and new activities, so we encourage everyone to check out our social media – our events pages on Facebook – to keep tabs as to the stuff going on for those two events."