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Chupa and Dobko win 3.0 bracket, Schneider and Schrader take 2.0 in Pickleball Tourney

First ever Ladies Playdays Challenge

YORKTON – Pickleball Yorkton held their first ever Ladies Playdays Challenge over the weekend.

The winners of the tournament were as follows:

In the 3.0 and over bracket the winners were Jody Chupa and Kim Dobko, second place went to Danica Smith and Janet Simpson, and third place to Sheryl Byczynski and Linda Vaughn.

In the 2.0 bracket, first place went to Diane Schneider and Marlene Schrader, second place to Linda Ouart and Rihanna Robins, and third place to Jaquie Barton and Carol Stringfellow.

Organizers of the event thanked the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association for the grant that allowed them to organize the Ladies Pickleball Days over the winter and to hold the wind-up tournament.

Next weekend, on April 9th, Pickleball Yorkton will host the Parkland Valley Seniors Pickleball Tournament. For more information, visit the group's Facebook page, Pickleball Yorkton News & Events.