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Family day gathering sees enjoyment from both young and old attendees

Tobogganing and hot chocolate for folks of all ages

YORKTON – Royal Ford and Royal Honda held an event this long weekend to bring people out for some classic winter fun.

"In conjunction with the public holiday on Monday, we thought we'd do something with all the snow we had this year," said Terry Ortynsky of Royal Auto Group.

The event saw tobogganers utilize some freshly developed snow hills.

"We had mounds and mounds of snow, so we piled it up high and we invited families to come out," said Ortynsky.

It wasn't just children participating in the activities.

"There's all ages here, there's young kids, old kids, and grandparents," said Ortynsky.

Tobogganing wasn't the only thing to get excited about. The event had snacks and hot beverages to warm up event goers.

"We've got hot chocolate and donuts inside," said Ortynsky.

The toboggans in use came by way of donations from a local business.

"The toboggans were donated by Canadian Tire," said Ortynsky.

Ortnysky commented that it was a nice day and it was great to see all the people celebrating the holiday. "It's just a good family day – just to get out," said Ortynsky, adding, "it's warm, and it's been a long winter, so it's good to be out."