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Nursery school students' art featured at pARTners

Works on display until May 4.

YORKTON – The artwork of students from the Yorkton Nursery School Cooperative are the current feature at the pARTners Art Gallery in the Yorkton Public Library.

A total of 52 works from students aged 3-5 are on display for gallery goers to appreciate in the exhibition entitled, Let's Be Creative.

"They're all very unique and they all have their own creative ideas going on," told Lana Haider, Teacher with the YNSC, in an interview with of the art works.

"If you think you have an idea of what an owl looks like ... the little one beside you has a totally different idea of what an owl looks like," said Haider.

The artwork is completely done by the students, with little guidance from the school's teachers.

"That's how we created these art pieces. We gave them the supplies and they created what they wanted to create out of those supplies," said Haider, adding, "that's why we named the whole art exhibition Let's Be Creative."

"So we give them the tools. We show them how are they are used and then we guide them so they're safe but they use the scissors and they use the glue to create their art work," said Haider.

Haider said the idea for the exhibition came about from the annual field trips students take to the library.

"We always do a field trip at the public library every year — we've been doing that for many many years — we love going to the library it's one of our favourite field trips," said Haider, "last year when we went to the library we took a better look at the pARTners Gallery and thought, 'wouldn't it be cool if we could get our little ones into that.'"

"One conversation lead to another conversation and a phone call was made and directed to Tonia Vermette (Yorkton Arts Council) and after speaking with her we decided that — yes — there was an opening for this April and May," said Haider.

Haider said from September to April, herself and fellow teacher Katie Thiessen collected art pieces from the students during craft time if the student showed a pride and excitement about their work.

"Watching the excitement and how proud the little ones were when they completed a certain art project — that's what determined which ones we decided to put in to display in the pARTners Art Gallery," said Haider.

This is the first time the nursery school has had an exhibition in the gallery, but Haider said she's hoping they can do it again.

"Hopefully we will be able to book a time for next year as well for our new students that are coming in," said Haider.

"I let all the parents know so they've been visiting the library and they've been sending me pictures of their child beside their artwork. They're pretty proud and they should be — they did a very great job," said Haider.

Let's Be Creative runs from now until May 4th at the Yorkton Public Library.

For those interested in enroling their child with the YNSC, registration is open online at the organization's website.