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Yellow Thunderbird Lodge holds powwow re-enforcing Indigenous customs

New organizing committee will be putting on the event for the next four years.

YORKTON – Yellow Thunderbird Lodge held their fifth Traditional Powwow to celebrate families at the Gallagher Centre's Flexi-hall March 8-10.

"This is going to be our fifth powwow to celebrate Indigenous families and children with focus on our 14-member First Nations that we provide services for," told Brenda Obey, Director of Protection Services with the Yellow Thunderbird Lodge, formerly Yorkton Tribal Council, Child Family Services, in an interview with Yorkton This Week.

Obey said she is part of a the new organizing committee that will be putting on the event for the next four years, with this being the new committees first year.

"This is the first one of the season. We're starting to get known as the place to come to start getting the kinks out for powwow season," said Obey, adding, "the next one will be the First Nations University of Canada Powwow and then they'll start happening in the spring and summer throughout each First Nation."

Though numbers were not available at the time of writing, Obey said last year's event had upwards of 400 dancers and noted the importance of powwows in the current day in age.

"They are re-enforcing that our customs are still alive, and they're reviving, and they're coming back as well as our language and our practices and our values," said Obey.

Obey said the event was organized by 10 people.

"It's a lot of work but it's very rewarding to see all the families coming together and having fun and getting acquainted with one another and meeting new people," said Obey.

Obey said another Powwow is scheduled to be held in Regina by the First Nations University of Canada, April 20-21.