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Yorkton disc golf courses to see improvements

Capital budget approved request
Disc golf courses at Rodney Ridge and Patrick Park will have concrete tee pads installed to prevent wear of grass surfaces.

YORKTON – The capital budget will include upgrades to the city's existing disc golf courses at Patrick Park and Rodney Ridge.

“As part of the capital budget, we put in a request to install concrete tee pads at the two disc golf courses in Yorkton,” said Julia Schofer, Program Coordinator for Recreation and Community Services.

“Last year we had Disc Golf Saskatchewan host the provincial open tournament,” said Schofer, adding, “We had some feedback from DGS.”

DGS recommended concrete tee pads on account of safety concerns.

“After so much use the grass gets worn down, uneven, not level, and becomes a cause for tripping hazards,” said Schofer.

Schofer said that other ideas were suggested, but would only prove to be a temporary solution, whereas the tee pads will generate a long-term result. “The tee pads are an investment into the community and the sport.”

In addition to addressing safety concerns, Schofer said the upgrade will help to bring more disc golf related events to Yorkton.

“This addition of tee pads will make the two courses a more desirable location for future provincial events.”

Schofer said that Recreation and Community Services came to the decision by way of feedback from people who utilize the courses regularly.

“We are constantly listening to the public and their requests.”