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Yorkton Farmers Market returns for another season

Events back to regular hours

YORKTON – The Yorkton Farmers Market held their first event of the year on Thursday at the Parkland Mall.  

"We're back in the mall every Thursday from 9:30 a.m. To 1:30 p.m.- so a little bit of a change from the last two years with COVID,"  said Brendon Purton, President of the YFM, and owner of Kangro gardening.  

"The hours were shifted to match the mall hours, but this year we're back to when the mall opens," said Purton, adding, "right now it's just every Thursday and it's going to go from now until mid-December."

Purton commented that the vendor count was low, but would likely see an increase in the following weeks.

"We've got quite a few vendors back for the first one, but a lot more will be coming," adding, "we get kind of an influx of vendors as we get closer to summer with people getting vegetables from the garden."

"Kangro gardening, myself, will be back next week with lettuce and cucumbers," said Purton.  

"Today there is eight [vendors], we had a few cancellations kind of last minute- we're hoping to get a lot more as the year goes on."

Purton said the farmers market offers a variety of good for consumers to choose from.

"You can get local free run eggs here, we've got Howland's Honey here today, there's knitting, two bakers back today, some preserves, home made masks, some crafts, home made jewellery, soaps and skin care products."

Purton said the YFM is always interested in expanding their variety.  

"We're always looking for new vendors- if someone wants to apply to be a vendor they can find the submission form online," said Purton, noting, "We try to keep the Facebook page updated with a list of photos of all the vendors who are going to be there for that coming Thursday."