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Yorkton Hyundai raised $20K for Halle Thompson

Initiative dished out over 1,000 burgers.

YORKTON – Hundreds lined up at Yorkton Hyundai for a barbecue fundraiser June 20 to support Halle Thompson.

Thompson was born with a rare bowel disorder known as Chronic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction and was first admitted to hospital at five-days old. Now, at eight-years-old, Thompson is still dealing with complications from her illness.

"She's been going through a lot with the operations she's gone through in the past and is going to be going through in the future," told Ron Kaban, Dealer Principal at Yorkton Hyundai, in an interview with

"We just felt that we needed to help her because it's hard enough for the mom to be away from work plus the expenses of going to the hospitals," added Kaban.

The event raised $20,000 from donations by the public, local businesses, schools and organizations dishing out over 1000 burgers as a result.

"We pre-sold about 400 burgers and thought that maybe we would sell another 400 but we're definitely going to go past that so we're scrambling trying to keep up," said Kaban.

Kaban said he became aware of Thompson's situation from Close Cuts For Cancer founders, Leone and Greg Ottenbreit.

"They suggested that we help them out and I was all over it then," said Kaban.

Kaban said 25 volunteers helped to make the day a success.

"I just want to thank all my staff and all my helpers," said Kaban, adding, "Greg and Leone came with their crew and my own staff has stepped up and helped out."