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Youth entrepreneurship fair supports HFH

Craft show part of BGC's Lead Up 2.0 initiative.

YORKTON - A group of young entrepreneurs showcased their products and services at a youth entrepreneurship fair on Sunday, while also raising money for a local charity.

The Winter Wonders Kids Entrepreneur Craft Show was held at BGC Yorkton the afternoon of Jan. 28.

The fair was organized by Lead Up 2.0, a program run by BGC Yorkton that empowers youth to take on community service projects.

The craft show had 16 vendors between the ages of 13 and 18 selling their wares to the public with funds from the bake sales, silver collection and raffles going to Yorkton Habitat for Humanity.

"Everything is youth-led," Director of Operations, Erin Roussin, told Yorkton This Week, adding, the kids are the ones who come up with the ideas.

"We're just kind of supports to help them facilitate it," said Roussin.

Roussin said the event wasn't just about having a craft show.

"It's about getting kids to give back to their community and to take on service projects," said Roussin, "they came up with this idea of a youth entrepreneurship fair — because it doesn't exist — and to give other kids a chance to sell their goodies."

Roussin said the vendors consisted of youth from the community with nine youths from Lead Up 2.0 participating in the fair as vendors or just helping out.

"We're hoping that this goes really well because we'd love to make this an annual event because it doesn't exist," said Roussin, adding, "there's a ton of craft shows out there but nothing that is entirely focused on youth."

For 14-year-old Dylan Tyson, the fair was about making contacts for his dog-walking business.

"I have some business cards up and some stickers — I'm doing dog walking," said Tyson adding the fair was a first time thing for him.

Tyson said he walks dogs evenings and weekends.

"I like talking with people and I like to walk dogs — dogs are some of my favorite animals," said Tyson.

Treyton Roussin, 13, used the fair to showcase his store Mayishkamihk.

"It's a little store and I sell Metis merchandise and food," said Treyton.

"First time for me but I've been working on my business for quite a while," said Treyton, adding, "it's been my dream to be an entrepreneur ever since I was a little kid so it was really fun to be at the craft show selling items."

The Lead Up 2.0's next project will be will be happening in February where they will be doing a coffee and muffin drive-thru here at the BGC over the Feb break. The proceeds from the drive-thru will go to a charity of the youths' choice.