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YTW Top-10 stories: #8 – Part of historic St. Mary’s demolished

Each year the editorial staff at Yorkton This Week reviews the many stories covered throughout the year and glean what they see as the top-10 news stories locally.
The St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church monastery, which was constructed in 1913 for the Ukrainian branch of the Redemptorist Fathers, was demolished in the summer of 2022.

YORKTON – One of the most iconic heritage buildings still standing in the city appears destined for the wrecking ball in the coming months. 

The Redemptorists were divesting themselves of assets within the Eparchy of Saskatoon and that included St. Mary’s Ukrainian Church and related properties. 

Among the associated buildings was the monastery, demolished in July, built in 1914, which once was home to monks working in the city – one priest still resided there as of 2021. The building, in particular its interior was in deteriorating condition and a decision dating back to 2012 was made to demolish the building. 

Over the ensuing years options to save the building were looked into but none were found to be viable. 

Meanwhile the cost of maintaining the building was significant, including utilities, and property taxes. 

As a result, demolition was seen as the best solution, said Fred Schrader Parish Council President in 2021. 

Schrader explained the Redemptorists were prepared to pay for the demolition costs of the monastery. 

The entire property, including St. Mary’s Cultural Centre, the Redeemers Voice building and the church would then be turned over to the Parish, where decisions could be made locally pending Bishop approvals. 

“The Parish the Eparchy have agreed to take ownership of the property,” said Schrader. 

The Redemptorists had suggested demolition as early as this fall, said Schrader, but the local Parish still has details to discuss which is likely to push the work until the spring of 2022, said Schrader.