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It's not just the unvaccinated who oppose the Emergencies Act

While nearly all of those unvaccinated opposed invoking the Emergencies Act, four in 10 of those vaccinated were also opposed
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The federal government invoked the Emergencies Act on Feb. 15 to bring an end to antigovernment blockades in Ottawa and across the country, the first time it has been invoked since it came into force in 1988.

SASKATOON — A survey by Insightrix Research Inc. for the week of Feb. 17 shows 47 per cent of Saskatchewan residents who responded opposed to the federal government invoking the Emergencies Act to address anti-vaccine mandate protests and blockades.

Forty-one per cent were in support and 11 per cent were unsure.

It's not just those who have chosen not to be vaccinated who opposed the government using the measures afforded by the Emergencies Act. While nearly all of those unvaccinated opposed the measure, four in 10 of those vaccinated also opposed invoking the Act.

Meanwhile, those in support of loosening restrictions in Saskatchewan rose from 50 per cent as of Feb. 10 to 57 per cent as of Feb. 17. Among those opposed to loosening restrictions, most feel such changes should not take place until March or even further down the road.

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