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Lawyer challenges search warrant in 3D weapons trafficking case

A Saskatoon man is accused of making restricted firearms with a 3D printer and trafficking them.
Norasinh Phouikhounephinith was arrested after Saskatoon Police Guns & Gang Unit raided a home on Jan. 26, 2022.

SASKATOON – A lawyer for a man accused of making restricted firearms with a 3D printer and trafficking them is challenging the validity of the search warrant.

Defense counsel Jared Aumiller filed a Charter application in Saskatoon Provincial Court Monday arguing that the search warrant violated 47-year-old Norasinh Phouikhounephinith’s rights.

Before the voir dire proceeded, which is a trial within a trial, Senior Crown Prosecutor Michael Pilon asked that Judge Bradley Mitchell hold a summary dismissal hearing, which is also known as a Vukelich hearing, to decide if defense’s request for a voir dire on the Charter motion should be denied.

While Judge Mitchell allowed the voir dire on defense's Charter motion to proceed, he reserved his decision on the matter to a later date.

Phouikhounephinith was arrested Jan. 26, 2022, after the Saskatoon Police Service Guns & Gangs Unit raided a home in the 200 block of 23rd Street East. Police seized several firearms, firearm parts and 3D printer components. He was granted bail in January 2022.

The charges against Phouikhounephinith  haven’t been tested in court.

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