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Tiki Laverdiere’s life mattered: Justice Zerr

Court heard how kind, caring, loving and generous Tiki Laverdiere was.

Tiki Laverdiere’s life mattered, said Justice Krista Zerr during Jesse Sangster’s sentencing hearing in Battleford Court of King’s Bench on April 26.

Sangster was the last of 10 people to be sentenced over the last five years in the murder of Laverdiere in April 2019.

Justice Zerr commended the Laverdiere family for faithfully attending the preliminary hearings, trials, and sentencing of the 10 accused.

“Her life mattered,” said Justice Zerr, adding that the Laverdiere family’s “steadfast, quiet, but profound presence,” served as a reminder to those who work in the criminal justice system.

“You have served Tiki very well,” she told the Laverdiere family sitting in the gallery. “Thank you. You have honoured her.”

Court heard how kind, caring, loving and generous Tiki Laverdiere was.

Justice Zerr said it also struck her that Tiki Laverdiere was a young mother.

Before Sangster was sentenced, Justice Zerr gave him an opportunity to speak. He looked directly at Tiki Laverdiere’s family and said, “I hope you could find it in your heart someday to forgive me,” adding that if they can’t he understands.

“I want to say I’m sorry to Tiki’s family.”

Tiki Laverdiere’s Facebook page was full of photos of her two sons and the activities she did with them. Court heard they meant everything to her, and they would cry for their mother.

This report by first published on April 26, 2024.

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