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Blast from the Past: Addition for Cut Knife School approved 50 years ago

Addition would create space for a music area, home economics room and an industrial arts area.
Mayor Herman Honeker of Luseland triumphantly holds aloft a pair of mukluks taken from Unity Mayor Len Boxell after winning the annual mayors’ race in 1974. Boxell then had to take a short but cool walk on the snow-covered street.

50 years ago

Wilkie Legion hosted some 100 curlers in the regional Legion and Legion Auxiliary district curling playoffs. The Unity Auxiliary team of Floss Nelson, Clara Coid, Tish Robertson and Muriel Klaehn won the event and would move on to compete in provincials.

Saskatchewan Social Services Minister Alex Taylor called for the Canadian Pension Plan to end its sex discrimination. “At the present time female contributors are required to make the same contributions to the plan while receiving much reduced survivor and disability benefits,” he said.

A $188,000 addition to Cut Knife School was approved, which would accommodate a music area, home economics room and an industrial arts area.

Unity Winter Festival events included a log sawing contest, two-by-four go-go races and a cream puff eating contest.

20 years ago

Scott Akerlund of Unity was first in zone boys’ bantam bowling and would be competing in provincials later in the month.

Delores Potts of Wilkie and her 12-year-old daughter Stephanie were preparing to perform at Telemiracle 28.

The Wilkie culture, parks and recreation board started fundraising for replacement of the arena ice surface floor, which was quite uneven.

Construction of a moto-cross track in Unity was stalled after a town meeting at which the golf club raised concerns about noise from the bikes carrying to the golf course. A sound test was planned, with people standing on the fairway and bikes revving at the proposed track location.