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Eye-in-the-sky safety tool makes a mark

One year in Regina with the Aerial Support Unit .

REGINA — From locating someone in the middle of a field, who was moments away from taking their own life, to spotting a stolen vehicle driving dangerously fast down a residential street and holding the offender accountable – the first year in the sky was extremely rewarding and successful for the Regina Police Service Aerial Support Unit, according to a press release.

The unit officially took flight on Jan. 20, 2023 and it didn’t take long for the six-officer team to demonstrate the value this tool brings to the city.

“We immediately saw the impact we could have from both an officer safety perspective and for the public too,” says Sgt. Steve Wyatt, an ASU pilot.

“When we are able to work with ground units to stop a suspect driving at high speeds in a stolen car, simply by following them via the ‘eye in the sky’ until they stop, this prevents so many possible negative outcomes.”