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Moe to appear before federal committee on carbon tax hike

Premier Scott Moe to appear virtually at the federal Standing Committee on Operations and Estimates on the carbon tax hike taking effect April 1
Premier Scott Moe speaks to reporters March 21 at the legislature.

REGINA - It’s been confirmed Premier Scott Moe will appear before a federal committee speaking on the carbon tax on Wednesday.

It was confirmed Tuesday afternoon by his office that Premier Moe will provide virtual testimony to the federal Standing Committee on Operations and Estimates, starting at 9 a.m. Saskatchewan time Wednesday, to call for a halt to the 23 percent increase to the carbon tax set to take effect April 1. 

This news came soon after Moe had joined other Premiers, including Danielle Smith of Alberta and Blaine Higgs of New Brunswick, in publicly asking to appear before the Standing Committee on Finance regarding the carbon tax. The contents of Moe’s letter to the finance committee’s Chair Peter Fonseca were posted online and included the following:

“The forthcoming 23 per cent increase to the federal carbon tax on April 1 will increase the cost of almost everything, making life less affordable for Saskatchewan people, businesses and communities. Our government’s decision to stop collecting the federal carbon tax on natural gas and electricity used for home heating led to an immediate decrease in inflation as confirmed by Statistics Canada. The last thing Canadians can afford right now is yet another increase in the federal carbon tax. 

“I am requesting the opportunity to appear virtually before the Finance Committee no later than March 28, 2024, to make the case as to why the federal government must cancel the planned increase in the federal carbon tax, or better yet, eliminate the federal carbon tax entirely, on everything, for everyone. 

“With April 1, just one week away, I look forward to your prompt response.”

In reaction to this news, Saskatoon West Conservative MP Brad Redekopp said this on the X platform:

“Premier Scott Moe is appearing at committee tomorrow about the NDP-Liberal Carbon Tax hike. Watch as I ask him about how Saskatoon residents feel about Trudeau’s costly coalition.”