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Moving head first into accessibility in Saskatchewan

Advisory committee to support implementation of new act.
Members of the Accessibility Advisory Committee represent diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences according to government officials.

REGINA — A new Accessibility Advisory Committee was established on March 1, 2024, to support the implementation of The Accessible Saskatchewan Act which came into force on Dec. 3, 2023.

The committee will provide advice to government on proposed accessibility standards, as well as public awareness and education initiatives. These standards will identify, prevent and remove accessibility barriers persons with disabilities experience.

"More than 180 applicants put their names forward to help guide government as we work to prevent and remove accessibility barriers for persons with disabilities in our province,” Social Services Minister Gene Makowsky said.

The following individuals have been appointed to the committee:

  • Alejandra Van Dusen
  • Allard Thomas
  • Amy Alsop
  • Anne Robins
  • Barry Anderson
  • Bobbi Janzen
  • Cole Pringle
  • David Fourney
  • Dea Orendi
  • Julian Nahachewsky
  • Logan Tonge
  • Michelle Walsh
  • Patrick Chubb
  • Shannon Friesen
  • Tracy Johnson

These appointees represent diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences with disability from across the province. They have demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the barriers that exist in the province and the impact these barriers have on persons with disabilities.

"All committee members are either a person with a disability, an immediate family member or support person of a person with a disability, or have experience working for an organization that supports people with disabilities," Makowsky said. "This depth of knowledge will ensure that those who are impacted by accessibility barriers remain at the forefront of our decision-making." 

Individuals are appointed for terms of up to two years, and members can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. For information about The Accessible Saskatchewan Act  and related regulations, visit the Accessible SK website at