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NDP reacts after more details released on Harrison incident

Opposition Leader Carla Beck resumes calls for Harrison to be booted in wake of 2016 incident
Opposition Leader Carla Beck speaks to reporters on a further leak regarding the Jeremy Harrison gun incident at the Legislature.

REGINA - Opposition Leader Carla Beck again was calling for former Government House Leader Jeremy Harrison to be booted from caucus following new details leaked on social media about the incident in question.

Harrison "very simply, needs to be kicked out of Cabinet or needs to be kicked out of Caucus,” said Beck, in response to a document posted on the X platform earlier that day by an individual identifying as “AJ.”

What was posted was correspondence, partially redacted to omit the names, describing an incident on April 29, 2016 at the legislature. According to the document, it described a “man in camouflage clothing and carrying a Gun case, walking towards the building. —— did not recognize the person and was at the point of keying his radio and announcing to the security staff on the radio that there was a GUN. By this time, the person was close enough for —— to say something to him. —- said “sir” at which time the person looked up and —- realized it was Jeremy Harrison. Harrison walked past the kiosk carrying his gun case and disappeared around the corner. The gun itself was not visible, however, it was obvious that it a was a gun case.”

A number of concerns about the incident were identified, and it was also noted in the correspondence that “I am also aware that he is going Coyote hunting with the Speaker today. I have no problem approaching Mr. Harrison myself about this behavior, however, think that this may be better handled at your level.”

Beck spoke of the leak to reporters and pointed to inconsistencies with Harrison’s depiction of events in a statement released on May 24, in which Harrison claimed he had “brought a properly cased long gun into the building with the knowledge of security officials.”

“We now know from the leaked document that there are a number of lies, beyond the first lie,” Beck said — the latter reference referring to Premier Scott Moe having told reporters he was assured that the allegations were “unequivocally false.”

“This incident didn’t happen on a weekend, it was during a the week. This was an incident that happened just a year after the shooting on Parliament to set the contest, and we know that the legislative assembly, the Sergeant at Arms, saw an unidentified person in fatigues walking into the Legislature with a gun. As you can imagine there was no prior knowledge…

“Again, this is a minister who has lied, has either lied to the Premier or the Premier has been complicit with the story the Minister is telling,” said Beck. 

“This is a moment for the Premier to show some leadership and if he doesn’t do that, if he doesn’t kick Jeremy Harrison out of cabinet and out of caucus, I think that he says a lot about Scott Moe’s leadership and it doesn’t say anything good about it.”