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Over $3M in tenders recently issued by Prairie South

Board trustees discussed some of the tender projects during their recent May meeting.
Prairie South School Division board office on Ninth Avenue Northwest. Photo by Jason G. Antonio

MOOSE JAW — Prairie South School Division has issued more than $3 million in tenders during the past several months, with some projects focusing on driver training, technology upgrades, bus purchases and boiler replacements. 

Between March 1 and April 30, the division handed out $3,267,068 in tenders to contractors for projects, including:

  • A three-year driver training contract between Hansvall Driving School ($60,840, rural schools), Miles Ahead Drivers Ed ($701,675, Moose Jaw) and Stepping Stones Driving School ($263,250, rural school), while the division re-tendered one contract for another rural area because it received no bids
  • Pro-Tec Electric received a contract of $31,000 to upgrade data cabling in Central Butte and Chaplin schools 
  • To support computer hardware upgrades, Cattan Technologies received $2,840 to supply charging carts, GenX Solutions received $216,105 to supply Chrome OS licences, notebook computers and SFF PC computers, and PC Corp received $58,429 to supply Chromebook monitors
  • Legacy Bus Sales received $1,550,000 to provide 10 gas-powered school buses for the 2024-25 year
  • Regina’s Excel Refrigeration Ltd. will replace the boiler system in the fall at École Palliser Heights School for $309,688 
  • Vates Orchestra will provide virtualization software to the division for $44,409 over the next three years
  • Horizon Computer Solutions will provide Ruckus wireless access for $28,832

The division possesses one physical computer server but has four to five virtual servers within that tower performing different tasks, explained Ron Purdy, finance superintendent, during the May board meeting. 

Prairie South issued a tender for virtualization software because another entity bought out the company from which it bought software “and the price went whoosh,” he continued. However, this cost from Vates Orchestra is much less than before.

Meanwhile, if tenders are more than $75,000, then the division must submit them to SaskTenders, Purdy added. Also, while most tenders go to Saskatchewan-based companies, ones that are focused on information technology usually go to companies outside the province. 

Trustee Lew Young said that Prairie South seems to be submitting more tenders to SaskTenders than before, whereas in the past, he recalled how the division issued more tenders to local businesses. Moreover, the tenders are now open to everyone in Saskatchewan instead of just to companies in the area.

The next Prairie South board of education meeting is Wednesday, June 5.