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Riders Camp Highlights: Leadership standing out

With rain anticipated in the afternoon, partly sunny skies greeted the Riders as they headed out onto the field for Thursday’s workout.

SASKATOON — The team was back on the turf at Griffiths Stadium in Saskatoon for Day 5 of the Saskatchewan Roughriders Main Training Camp. The team was vocal as they came out of the locker room and broke right into punt cover and punt return teams. 

Following the abbreviated special teams session, the offence and defence went to opposite ends of the field for walk-through period.

After the extended, comprehensive walk-thru the team used a stretch session to get warmed up for the workout. 

Following the workout, it was into individual position drills. An extended period was spent by all groups. 

From there the team went into one-on-one drills with the offensive and defensive line. Receivers and defensive backs also competed in one-on-ones.

Following those battle drills the team once again broke down into various special teams groups. 

A blast of the whistle signified that it was time for 7 vs. 7 on the south end of the field. 

  • Mason Fine starts at quarterback his first pass is complete to Kian Schaeffer Baker. 
  • Fine looks for Shawn Bane Jr. in a tight window next but the play is broken up neatly. 
  • Fine’s third pass is a completion to Kalija Lipscomb.
  • Jack Coan is in next to throw and his ball is complete to Jake Parker. 
  • Coan’s next pass is a completion on the far side flat to Geronimo Allison. 
  • The next pass has Coan fining Allison once again this time in the near-side flat. 
  • Antonio Pipken comes in next and throws a long completion to KeeSean Johnson for 45 yards. 
  • Pipken then finds Kian Schaeffer-Baker down the seam. 
  • Dohnte Meyers is the next recipient of a long pass from Pipken as he races to the end zone. 
  • Shea Patterson is next and he finds Jerreth Sterns complete over the middle for another lengthy completion.
  • Patterson then passes complete on the far side to Dhel Duncan-Busby to conclude the session.

At the same time on the north end of the field run drills were on the go with the offence vs. the defensive lines with running plays being the focus. 

Next up it was back to special teams work, focusing on kick-offs. 

Teams are up next with a new team on the field, the Saskatoon Football Official Association’s members were out, keeping an eye on things. Here’s the run down:

  • Pipkin hands off to A.J. Oullette on first down. No where to go Anthony Lanier II and Malik Carney in to make the tackle. 
  • Pipkin finds Oullette on a pass in the near-side flat. Brought down by DaMarcus Fields.
  • Patterson passes to Shawn Bane Jr. on a screen pass on the near side of the field for an impressive gain.
  • Play action pass Patterson complete to Geronimo Allison on the far side. 
  • Patterson hands off to Clint Rakovich who cuts between the guard and tackle on the right side for a nice run. 
  • Mason Fine in to quarterback and he finds Geronimo Allison in the flat for a nice gain. 
  • Fine throws a solid completion across the field to Mitchell Picton. 
  • Fine completes a third straight pass this time to Jake Parker.
  • Fine under pressure with Nicholas Dheilly in his face. Can’t get it to Picton coming across the formation.
  • Fine then takes a shot on a deep post but it is broken up neatly Nelson Lokombo… 
  • Antonio Pipken is next in the rotation at quarterback he hands off on first down to A.J. Oullette for a decent gain.
  • Pipken finds Oulette out of the backfield for a competition.
  • Pipken passes near side flat to Frankie Hickson on the next play.
  • Next play is a fake hand-off inside to Oullette, Pipken rolls out and finds Picton for a nice gain.
  • Pipken tries to float a pass over the D-Line on the next attempt but it falls into the hands of A.J. Allan who intercepts and takes it to the end zone. 
  • Jack Coan comes in after the interception. His pass is complete on the near side to Frankie Hickson. Flags out on the play though. 
  • Coan finds Kian Schaffer-Baker on a medium curl route. 
  • Coan then scrambling to his right finds Shawn Bane Jr. to his left for a nice completion. Defence off-side on the play.

The team then broke down into a no huddle drill. Play-By-Play:

  • Mason Fine hands off to Frankie Hickson.
  • Next play Fine finds KeeSean Johnson in front of a pair of defenders and steps out of bounds to stop the clock. 
  • Hand off to Hickson on the next play for a short gain.
  • Fine’s pass on the far side is caught by Bane Jr. 
  • Mason Fine once again hands the ball off to Hickson for another solid run.
  • Fine then passes intended for Bane Junior but the pass falls incomplete. 
  • Pipkin then passes to Clint Ratkovich complete near side. 
  • Then a pass to Jerreth Sterns drops incomplete. 

One more teams session:

  • Patterson’s pass intended for KeeSean Johnson is incomplete. Deontai Williams there in coverage. 
  • Patterson then finds Dohnte Meyers.
  • Brett Lauther called in for a 36-yard attempt. It is GOOD!
  • Jack Coan is in next and finds Dehl Duncan-Busby for a completion on the far side. 
  • The next pass attempt is intended for Ajou Ajou but the officials rule he trapped it. 
  • Lauther on to attempt a 39-yard kick. It’s GOOD!
  • Mason Fine intended for Oullette. Nice competition for five yards. 
  • Fine then passes to Michell Picton for a first down inside the 20. 
  • Hand-off on first down for a couple of yards to A.J. Oullette. 
  • Fine drops back and finds Samuel Emilus in the end zone for a touchdown. 
  • Mason Fine and the offence try a two-point convert. Play action pass Fine to KeeSean Johnson to the end zone. 
  • Antonio Pipken now gets his turn to run the no-huddle offence. Pipken dumps it in the flat to Frankie Hickson for close to a first down before he steps out of bounds. 
  • Hickson then gets the carry for a couple of yards. 
  • Next is a completed pass to Jerreth Sterns inside the 10-yard line for the final play of the day.


The Weather:

With rain anticipated in the afternoon, partly sunny skies greeted the Riders as they headed out onto the field for Thursday’s workout. Winds were moderate through the morning with the temperature around 13 degrees. 


Not on the field:



DB – Amari Henderson – DID NOT PARTICIPATE


Break-out Play of the Day:

In the hurry-up offence at the end of the session, the Riders were able to move the ball into the score zone and it was a great read and completion from Mason Fine to Samuel Emilus in the end zone that was executed brilliantly. 


The One to Watch:

Anthony Lanier II. Luc Mullinder’s take is that offensive lines around the league are going to need to game plan for Lanier and Micah Johnson on the inside of the defensive line. Lanier’s leadership at camp has been abundant and his ability to make inside plays hasn’t gone unnoticed.