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Shelly Palmer - Apple AI rumors get better

Shelly Palmer has been named LinkedIn’s “Top Voice in Technology,” and writes a popular daily business blog.

You can't discuss the future of generative AI copilots and assistants until Apple makes its plans clear. Siri is terrible, but AI could make it amazing. How? You willingly give your PII and PHI to Apple through the apps in their ecosystem and the sensors on their devices. Apple has enough data (that it keeps private for you) to create an exceptional AI assistant, and they are highly motivated to do so.

Apple caters to the 1%; its customers are the wealthiest smartphone owners. With its unique combo of data and high-roller demographics, Apple's got the perfect recipe to create a "next level" AI assistant. Tim Cook (Apple’s CEO) has said the company is "all in" on AI. Will Apple put its AI where its mouth is? Things look promising.

New reports say Apple has acquired French startup Datakalab, presumably to bolster its on-device AI capabilities. Datakalab is a specialist in developing low-power, efficient deep learning algorithms that can run directly on devices like smartphones without relying on cloud-based processing. This aligns with Apple's focus on user privacy and on-device AI, as it will reduce the need to send data to the cloud. Before the acquisition, Datakalab had worked on projects like analyzing facial expressions and detecting whether people were wearing masks in public spaces. This computer vision technology could also contribute to Apple's products like Photos and Face ID.

Apple's WWDC is scheduled for June 10-14. I'm sure iOS 18's AI capabilities will be front and center. Until then, rumors will have to do. -s

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Shelly Palmer is the Professor of Advanced Media in Residence at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and CEO of The Palmer Group, a consulting practice that helps Fortune 500 companies with technology, media and marketing. Named LinkedIn’s “Top Voice in Technology,” he covers tech and business for Good Day New York, is a regular commentator on CNN and writes a popular daily business blog. He's a bestselling author, and the creator of the popular, free online course, Generative AI for Execs. Follow @shellypalmer or visit