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Students for Change tackle discrimination

Adult allyship explored by Sask. Rivers group.
Career guidance was one discussion topic when members of the Saskatchewan Rivers Students for Change met recently.

PRINCE ALBERT — The Saskatchewan Rivers Board of Education received an update on recent Saskatchewan Rivers Students for Change (SRSC) activities during their a recent meeting.

SRSC board representative Charlie Lysyk said the day began with team-building work and a workshop on adult allyship.

The topics included adultism (prejudice against young people as a group) and intersectionality.

“I didn’t know about intersectionality just how the different parts of your identity, like your age, your race, your sex, can build on one another and people’s biases against you can be built,” Lysyk said.

Lysyk gave the example that she was a young woman and people may treat you differently if you are a young woman or a young man.
The group also created exercises for students to bring back to schools to educate their own schools on adultism. One example was creating a science fair about adultism and have teachers come and listen and learn what they can do to create better adult allyships.

In the afternoon, the group discussed career guidance.

“We are hoping to bring that back to our next meeting because it was definitely a hot topic,” Lysyk said.

After her presentation, there was a longer discussion about career guidance with trustees. The discussion focused on what career path students were choosing whether it was trades or post-secondary.

The final portion of the day for the SRSC discussed welcoming spaces. They concluded by establishing what belonging feels like to each student at a personal level by doing writing exercises.  

Lysyk is a rural representative from Meath Park. No urban representative was chosen for this school year.