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Unity and Kerrobert say events benefit both communities

Organizers are seeing the benefits of working together.

UNITY — The movie “Field of Dreams” touts “If you build it, they will come.”  Communities seem to realize the benefit of hosting days, evenings or weekends with more than one activity to attract an even bigger crowd and a broader range of people attending.

For instance, May 27 weekend in Kerrobert, not only was it Kerrobert Minor Ball Day complete with refreshment gardens and live entertainment in the evening, but the weekend also held a town-wide garage sale, Kerrobert Multiple 4-H Club achievement day and the opening of the newest show featuring Anne Nordstrom at Kerrobert Courtroom Gallery.

“I always love to see collaboration between volunteer groups and businesses,” says Recreation Director Bobbi Hebron.

“This weekend is a great example of how working together will benefit all: all Kerrobert Minor Ball teams and 4-H families are in town so they are here to participate and then enjoy each other's events, and secondly all the people staying in town and visiting will then be able to experience all Kerrobert is offering this weekend. Lastly, each organization hoping for high attendance and funds raised is bound to see success when there are more people here to take part.

“Sometimes this collaboration happens by accident, but many organizations and people are seeing the benefits to working together and will often reach out to the rec office to ask about dates of events. I believe that a strong community communicates and works together to help each other succeed and so we have made a commitment to try to keep the community in the know of dates of events happening through Facebook and through our local papers. I believe that successful events don’t happen by accident but begin with careful planning starting with the date. So, if a date is shared with the rec office, it will be shared with the community.”

Hebron notes many people in Kerrobert travel for weekend sporting events or other activities or they head to the lake or out of town for larger events. All communities say it’s good to give people reasons to stay at home and enjoy what is taking part in their town.

Unity residents have been remarking on the increase in activity and how it appears to positively affect the town and its citizens overall. As an example, May 18, there was a community organization barbecue, four ball games at the diamonds, a celebration event at the high school and what seemed like a hundred or more out and about walking or biking on the paved paths throughout town, perhaps even moving from event to event.

Unity Western Days week is lining up to have several events leading up to the weekend’s annual lineup of activities.

Visitors, and at times, neighbouring communities, have expressed envy of the full event calendar in Unity.

“Unity mayor, council feels the key to our community’s success in having a wealth of activities to enjoy lies with our volunteers,” Unity mayor and council respond.

“Some of these are coaches, managers, employees, business people and our residents who step up before and after their regular work day to make these activities run. The town of Unity has the facilities available to host many various events and the reputation of being excellent hosts. The community and surrounding area provide epic support for the activities offered. The combination of these resources gives Unity life.”

“It is very exciting to know that so many things are happening downtown and around town,” Unity’s Parkview Place Manager Paula Sittler.

“ … we do not have many residents that participate in these events ... I'm certain that back in the day they were the ones organizing these events.”

Sittler said as far as their little community at Parkview Place, many residents are simply content to enjoy what is offered at their centre because they find it difficult or impossible to participate with limited vision, hearing loss or mobility impairments that can prove to be more daunting than exhilarating.

“We do enjoy the spirit of the events and love seeing the photos on Facebook and following your stories in the paper.”

Parkview often incorporates and encompasses the theme of what is taking place in Unity through décor changes and dress-up days as well as themed games as part of their activities, so residents feel included in what is taking place in the community.