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Ever wonder what coyotes really eat? Check out this webinar

U of W professor discusses feeding behavour.
Squirrel, venison or beef? That’s one of the questions that will be explored during a Feb. 29 webinar.

REGINA — Coyote diet and feeding behaviour is the topic of a Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan webinar Feb. 29 at noon CT.

Speaker for the online presentation is Dr. Susan Lingle of the University of Winnipeg Department of Biology.

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Dr. Lingle says, "Coyotes are flexible predators that shift from hunting berries, insects, and rodents to hunting large ungulates, to scavenging carcasses of native ungulates and livestock. In this presentation, I will describe findings from long-term research into the behaviour and ecology of coyotes, deer, and ground squirrels at the McIntyre Ranch in southern Alberta. These findings led to more recent work in southwest Saskatchewan to document the coyote’s consumption of, and interactions with, ground squirrels, deer, and cattle."

PCAP’s Native Prairie Speaker Series is a monthly webinar about prairie conservation or species at risk.