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Humboldt buffalo rancher inducted into hall of fame

The Buffalo Hall of Fame was initiated in 1980 to recognize those persons who have contributed significantly to the preservation of the American Buffalo.
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Mark Silzer (right), the latest inductee into the National Buffalo Foundation Hall of Fame. Mark, shown at right in the photo, was bestowed with the honour during last week's 2022 International Bison Convention in Saskatoon. National Bison Association Executive Director Jim Matheson (left), made the presentation.

SASKATOON — The National Buffalo Foundation has inducted Mark Silzer of Humboldt to become the second Canadian and the 32nd member of the National Buffalo Hall of Fame.

Silzer joins Bill Lenton who was inducted in 2004.

The Buffalo Hall of Fame was initiated in 1980 to recognize those persons who have contributed significantly to the preservation of the American Buffalo.

The induction took place at the International Bison Convention 2022 awards ceremony in Saskatoon on July 14.

Mark and Denise Silzer began raising bison in 1995 in partnership with Cec and Jane Stumborg under the name Wolverine Bison Company – a partnership that exists today. Wolverine Bison Co. is an integrated cow-calf, back-grounding and finishing operation of approximately 400 plains bison.

Silzer was elected to the voluntary board of the Saskatchewan Bison Association from 2000 to 2019 and was continually elected by his peers to serve as chair between 2000 and 2011. He was elected to the Canadian Bison Association Board for 17 years and served as board chair and president from 2004 to 2016.

Silzer provided leadership at the regional, national and international levels on many topics including bison health and welfare, conservation, research, and trade. Silzer was instrumental in forging relationships with agricultural producers and livestock producer groups. He provided leadership in developing and strengthening ties between the Canadian and U.S. bison industries.

The plaque honouring Mark Silzer in the Hall of Fame reads: Mark Silzer was the integral individual that created the working relationship between the Canadian Bison Association and the National Bison Association. His commitment, service, and advocacy for the bison have spanned several decades. His long-term dedication to serving the Canadian Bison Association and its members, all while working diligently to strengthen the communications with numerous Canadian agriculture commodity associations, government, animal welfare organizations, research communities, and international like-minded agencies.

Mimi Hillenbrand, President of the National Buffalo Foundation, expressed her gratitude for the leadership that Mark has provided to grow the North American bison industry by building strong relationships between the Canadian Bison Association and the U.S. National Bison Association.

Silzer joins 31 inductees in the Hall of Fame including Charles Goodnight and Teddy Roosevelt, and 10 other historical figures as well as 19 other contemporary champions including Ted Turner.

The hall of fame began in 1980 to honour those who have done the most for the American Buffalo inclusive of both historic individuals as well as those today. The Hall of Fame is housed in the National Buffalo Museum in Jamestown, N.D.

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