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New seeding systems introduced to Canada

Lemken hopes South African company’s lineup will help it expand domestically and give producers new options.

WESTERN PRODUCER – Equalizer is a South African company specializing in no-till seeding technology. The company’s wide range of planters, seeders and drills are sold mainly to Australia.

But that’s about to change.

Lemken wanted to expand its seeding technology product line, with a focus on minimal ground disturbance and no-till farming. Rather than invent a new wheel, Lemken bought Equalizer, which has a focus on large, broad-acre equipment.

According to Mathieu Vallières, managing director for Lemken in Canada, the full line of seeding equipment will give Canadian farmers new options.

Vallieres says, “at this point, the first production units are scheduled to be available for the 2024 spring season. Equalizer products will undoubtedly be offered across the Prairies once available.”

He says the Equalizer inventory includes planters up to 36 rows and drills up to 79 feet.

Equalizer offers items for producers and markets that Lemken has not previously been able to serve. Delta-Row technology developed by Lemken works well with the single-row technology established by Equalizer. There is no overlap in the portfolios of the two companies.

A standard feature on the drill is the fertilizer and seed placement arrangement using two semi-independent components to provide fertilizer placement and cultivation below the seed.

The unique semi-independent tine and seeding system allows the hydraulically controlled trip-able tine to clear smaller obstacles without disturbing seed placement. When a large obstacle is encountered, the unit as a whole, trips and clears the obstacle to avoid damage to the unit.

To further protect the unit, the hydraulic cylinder is equipped with a built-in dampener, allowing controlled return of the tine after tripping.

110 cc hydraulic motors drive the metering units. Pulse width modulation valves control the speed of the motors to deliver the required product rates.

It demands no oil flow from the tractor when shut, providing better machine raise speed at headland turns.

The tractor needs to be equipped with a closed centre hydraulic system.

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