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Starter fertilizer sprayed on seed, in furrow

Each seed is detected by a sensor when planted, and then sprayed with liquid fertilizer before the closing wheel.
ExactShot is an in-field upgrade kit available for Deere’s ExactRate liquid fertilizer application system for planters. ExactShot sprays each corn seed with 0.2 ML of starter fertilizer as the seed is being placed into the furrow.

WESTERN PRODUCER — John Deere has rolled out the latest upgrade to its integrated liquid fertilizer system, ExactRate, that was launched in 2020.

ExactRate gives planters row by row section control that prevents overlap and enables curve compensation for a uniform, in-furrow liquid fertilizer application, the company says.

ExactShot allows users of ExactRate to spray starter fertilizer on individual seeds while planting.

“ExactRate uses some technology that we brought over from our sprayers to more accurately place fertilizer in the furrow, and ExactShot is the next step in that, in just dosing the seed,” said Jordan Lang, a marketing manager at John Deere.

ExactRate uses the same pulse rate modulation used in Deere’s ExactApply system for sprayers.

Applying fertilizer on and around the seed might seem counter-intuitive for some growers, especially those who have experienced toxicity issues with their seedlings.

But Lang said the ExactShot can save corn growers money, because they only need a small amount of starter fertilizer on the seed to provide a pop-up effect for the crop.

ExactShot uses a sensor to register when each seed enters the soil. As this occurs, the system sprays about 0.2 millilitres of liquid directly onto the seed.

Great Plains has a similar system on the market called AccuShot.

“ExactShot will be available as an in-field upgrade kit, versus being available on a planter that comes out of our factory. There will be limited quantities available in 2024,” Lang said.