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Battleford residents to share funding for North Battleford facilities

Taxpayers can expect the town to pay $190,000 in June 2023.
NB Aquatic Centre 1
A new agreement is in place for Battleford support of North Battleford recreation facilities.

BATTLEFORD — The City of North Battleford has proposed a new five-year agreement, similar to the 10-year plan in which the Town of Battleford paid an increased cost each year for North Battleford recreational facilities used by residents on both sides of the river. 

The new agreement would see the town pay $190,000 this year, increasing by $20,000 each year, until 2027.

The user fee subsidy helps the city pay for operation costs for buildings and facilities that are used by Battleford residents frequently, such as the NationsWEST Fieldhouse, the Co-op Aquatic Centre and other recreational sites in North Battleford.

Some councillors expressed their support, adding that Battleford residents use the facilitates significant, and the town can’t afford the undertaking to build their own facilities at this time.

“It’s a tough one, it's a lot of money,” Councillor Kevin Russel said, though he says he feels it’s a necessary cost.

Councillor Judy Pruden also voiced her support, adding that signs will be placed on the facilities, recognizing the town’s commitment.

Council passed the recommendation, with Councillor David George and Councillor Shelley Boutin-Gervais in opposition with concerns that the funding agreement was too high.

This story has been updated to say the town is to pay $190,000 this year, increasing by $20,000 each year, until 2027.