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Battleford struggling to solve abandoned needle crisis

Mayor Ames Leslie said that a dozen needles were found at the Cenotaph recently, raising concerns at Battleford's town council meeting regarding solutions.
Discarded needles are a concern for Battleford Town Council.

BATTLEFORD — Battleford’s town council expressed concerns at their Nov. 21 meeting over the influx of abandoned needles being found around town as they work to solve the unfolding issue.

Mayor Ames Leslie said that conversations are currently underway with Prairie Harm Group to decide on options moving forward.

One possibility would see needle depositories placed downtown or in other public spaces in Battleford so that needles could be collected safely, rather than being abandoned in back alleys or playgrounds. 

“We’re trying to find a solution … 12 [needles] were found at the Cenotaph,” Mayor Leslie said, concerned with its proximity to children and the danger it poses.

“It’s unfortunate … you never know what could happen,” Mayor Leslie said. 

The town was quick to express sadness, noting that there is no easy solution, but the council hopes that a solution will be found in the near future.


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