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Meota and District News: Bridge, canasta players enjoy fun afternoons

More card players as snowbirds begin to return.
Winter’s stockpile of snow is gradually melting away.

MEOTA — The days are getting longer and everyone has noticed and is happy to see this. Snowbanks are melting gradually, even though the weather isn’t as warm as we’d like it to be. We know it will soon be gone.

When I sent birthday greetings to New Zealand the reply was back before I closed my iPad. I recall the days when it took months for a letter to arrive, a difficult concept for young people. How the world has speeded up in our lifetime. One has to wonder what comes next.

While we waited for sunshine last week, it has come to make the signs of spring more dominant. Wednesday morning, we had beautiful hoar frost which was a delight all morning and I understand that the northern lights have been outstanding.

The Pioneer Hall was the scene of two tables of bridge players March 23, so they played individual movements. Top score went to Dave Creegan. Second was Fraser Glen and third was Ann Crozier. Not enough players were available for their usual Tuesday games.

The Do Drop In in Meota was the scene of Canasta March 24, with five tables in play. The three top scores were all over 50,000 points. Top score went to Gwen Lacerte and Gail Hilderman. Second were Dave Sayers and Arlene Walker and third were Bob Lesko and Karn Kelly. It was a nice day to get outside and several players showed up who hadn’t been out for a while. Soon the snowbirds will return, so even more should be showing up for these fun afternoons.

My daughter in New Zealand, for one more month, reported on the electric car her hostess is sporting. Her husband works at computer installation on cruise ships and other venues, so they bought a Tesla deluxe electric car, and, of course, went for a ride. It is all computer controlled.

The reports by Derek Welford from the Meota curling rink have been appreciated all winter and made for good reading for even non-curlers. Thank you, Derek. I can only hope this reporting from Meota and district activities continues, and also from other areas where people are active. There are many seniors who don’t get out to take part but like to read about what others are doing.

Give your community a boost and tell folks what is going on, or will be happening. 

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