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Meota and District News: Marina project catches community’s interest

Large swimming pool a feature of the project.

MEOTA — Here we are in early spring. The geese are back in full force and we had an occasion to be awakened by a crow. The bedding plants are poking their heads through the soil and I have heard of someone doing spring seeding near Provst.

Every once in a blue moon, we get to witness an engineering project that stretches our imagination. The Niedermaier family project is just that. They have taken a raw basic design and are making it work. They have managed to struggle through a lot of red tape to make their marina complex close to reality.

The walls, all 3,000 feet of them to date, are composed of heavy 20-foot wide flange posts interlaced with cement panels. The 3,500-pound pre-stressed panels were fabricated in North Battleford and trucked out to the marina site.

Excavation of the swimming pool will occur after the upper walls are secured with cement. The model showhome is taking shape. As in the rest of the project, the novel design shows a portal with garage doors on opposing walls.

Some lots are designed primarily for camper trailers so the Niedermaiers have designed this multi-million dollar project to suit a wide market. They have used primarily local contractors.

They say hiring locally has paid off in labour availability as well as travel-related costs. They commend the quality of work as well as the lack of labour interruptions.

Tyler, my major communicator and site manager, mentioned all building criteria as well as unforeseen costs will be fully disclosed at the time of purchase. It's good to see this family business from northern Saskatchewan, take on a project of this size and in running it so well.

Activities for the week saw a good turnout for canasta and bridge. Lucille Gregoire and Vern Iverson topped the Tuesday bridge scores. Second were Gerry Craig and Albert Blais and third were Etta Meisner and Fraser Glen. Jean Lawes and Fraser Glen were first in Thursday bridge. Mary Phelps and Gerry Craig were second. Norwegian Whist top score was by Bev McCrimmon. Sadie Horrel was second and Charlie Horrell, third. Canasta HF winners were Cora Christianson and Eric Callbeck. Second were Gail Hilderman and Stella Rendle. HKF first was by Bev McCrimmon and Vivianne Lesko. Second were Marion Ottas and Linda Ard and third, Vern Iverson and Bob Lesko.