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Meota and District News: Shuffleboard shuttered until fall

Golf season around the corner.

MEOTA — The Meota seniors held their season final shuffleboard tournament at the Do Drop In. Nestor Fransoo ran a good tournament again. Winners were: first - Dave Sayers and Sven Christianson; second - Bob Lesko and Wally Mack; third - Eric Callbeck and Carole Dyck. The tournament ran from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. We again enjoyed an ever-ready coffee pot and a delicious potluck lunch. Special mention goes out to Linda Ard's delicious chicken soup. Games of Chit Chat, Tile Rummy and Sequence as well as watching some close games provided a relaxing, eventful day.

Looking back to the men's world curling finals, we can feel proud of our Canadian team. Sweden's final rock, a difficult draw on green ice, barely hung on by inches to take the honours. Was great to watch and leaves us with pride in a job well done.

As we approach summer, thoughts of travel remain on many minds. The proverbial bucket list can be enlightening as well as eyebrow-raising. Here are a few local folks have done or are planning to do: a month-long trip to New Zealand; a two-month trip to Northern Scotland; a two-week trip to Vancouver Island; a two-month stay in Mexico; a trip to Ontario to take in many plays at the Niagara on the Lake and Stratford festivals; a trip to Alberta to take in a few cowboy poetry events; a car trip to Newfoundland; and the many trips by our snowbirds. So great to hear of such diverse interests to whet our appetites.

Then there is our local golf course and the many great courses within driving distance. Any thoughts of boredom can be quickly subdued with a little imagination.

Activities for the week included bridge Tuesday with Linda Killoran and Catriona Winterholt placing first. Second were Cletus Scherman and David Sharpe and third were Etta Miesner and Verne Iverson. In Thursday bridge, Fraser Glen and Jean Lawes were first. Second were Margaret Dyck and David Creegan. Canasta HF first was scored by Albert Huys and Gail Hilderman. Second were Cora Christianson and Eric Callbeck. HKF canasta winners were Nestor Fransoo and Tracey Esquirol. In second were Stella Rendle and Arlene Walker. Norwegian Whist winners were: first – Gordon Klein; second – Charlie Horrell; third – Arlene Walker.