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Pumpkin carving event inspires family fun in North Battleford

The event was such a hit that 40 additional pumpkins had to be purchased on the day of the event, bringing the total to 80 pumpkins.

NORTH BATTLEFORD — The parking lot was full at Sallows & McDonald-Wilson & Zehner Funeral home on Saturday in North Battleford, but it wasn't due to a funeral. People came from all over to partake in the Pumpkin Carving Community Social.

T'Neale Bosman, the genius behind the event, wanted to do something for the community. She went to the Co-op and they said they would donate 40 pumpkins for a pumpkin carving event. The event was such a hit that 40 more pumpkins had to be purchased later on the day of the event. 

Bosman had all the tools, plastic tablecloths and treats and all anyone had to do was show up. And show up they did! 

Everyone from young to old had a great time carving up their pumpkin creations in hopes that they may win the contest. Even if they didn't win they were able to bring home a carved pumpkin made with their own hands. Even the candle for inside was provided, and the clean up was taken care of, too. 

The Mountain family mentioned that they were looking for an inexpensive event that they could go to. Someone suggested a corn maze but that was out of the city. When someone told them of the free pumpkin carving event she jumped at the chance to bring her three kids. She said she is so glad she came this day; it was such a good event for the whole family.