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2024 National Curling Day, hosted in Melfort, needs volunteers

The Melfort Curling Club will be hosting the National Curling Day in Canada in February 2024. They are looking for volunteer leaders and committee members that are interested in organizing various aspects of the event.
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The Melfort Curling Club is looking volunteer leaders and committee members to help with the National Curling Day in Canada, being hosted in Melfort in February of 2024.

MELFORT — In February of 2024 Melfort will be hosting the National Curling Day in Canada event.

It was announced in February this year that Melfort was the chosen community.

Kerrie de Gooijer, volunteer and board member with the Melfort Curling Club found out when it was announced during TSN's Curling Day in Canada special broadcast on February 25th the same time as everyone else did.

The initial excitement has gone down but the Melfort Curling Club is hard at work planning for the event. They recently sent out a call for volunteers.

De Gooijer said they are now accepting expressions of interest and looking for volunteer leaders and committee members that are interested in organizing various aspects of this event.

“We want to see who is out there. Whether you have event planning experience or you're brand new to the community, whether you're an avid curler or you have no idea what curling is, we want to hear from a wide variety of people that can each bring something to the table. We are definitely looking for those that want to be on the main committee overseeing the entire event, or various aspects of the event. But we also want to hear from people that are interested in specific roles. Whatever your skill - get in touch with us. Our goal is to capitalize on everyone's unique skill sets. We are looking for a great combination of experience and new, fresh ideas.”

The deadline to apply is April 30. There are no minimum requirements. Just a strong willingness to do a great job in their respective role, whatever it may be, said de Gooijer. The application can be filled out on the Melfort Curling Club's website.

“Curling Canada likes our story - how we have record growth in membership and bonspiel numbers, and how we have also managed to fundraise a significant amount of money for our Revitalization Project. We are currently working with an architect to make our rink fully accessible as part of Phase 2 of our project, and we plan to leverage this Curling Day in Canada event to raise enough money to complete this phase.”

“This is a unique and huge opportunity," de Gooijer said. "We can take this event as far as we want to go, if we have the leaders that share our vision! Everybody has different strengths and time availability – if you are interested in getting involved, but you're not sure in what capacity, still reach out and we will help find the right fit for you.”

She added the Curling Day in Canada will no doubt shine a spotlight on the Northeast and the Melfort Curling Club.