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Bjorkdale School: School has new teacher

Keshia Hoffus will be teaching at Bjorkdale School this year.
Bjorkdale School Rainbow
Alicia Orozs has returned to teach at Bjorkdale School. Keshia Hoffus is a new teacher.

BJORKDALE — Bjorkdale School welcomed back Kindergarten/Grade 1 and 2 teacher Alicia Orozs and also has a new teacher for the 2023-24 school year, Keshia Hoffus.

Hoffus graduated in 2015 from the University of Alberta with a Degree in Elementary Education with a Minor in Special Education. Her first year was spent subbing in the North East School Division (NESD). She moved to Australia to teach for a year and got to live out her dream of living abroad and had an amazing experience. Hoffus lives in Bjorkdale and got a job teaching in Porcupine Plain. She taught a little of everything at Porcupine Plain Composite School, but says her favourite subjects are PAA, Art, and PE. These will be the classes she will be teaching in Bjorkdale, 7/8/9 PAA, 7/8/9 Art, 7/8 Math, and K-12 PE.

“I feel totally at home here, and have really enjoyed getting to know all of the students and staff. I look forward to many happy years teaching in Bjorkdale :) and a very short commute!”

The Little Valley Playschool is call on all vendors interested in renting a table for the annual trade show in Bjorkdale. If you are interested in buying a table please contact Nicole Goldsworthy at 306-852-9585. The annual Little Valley playschool trade show is scheduled for Sunday Nov. 19.

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