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Grant process to help Melfort sports groups upgrade buildings

The Melfort Curling Club is working on upgrades to its building. The Melfort Golf & Country Club is looking at its own upgrades. Both own their own buildings. The city has formalized in which situations it will chip in for those type of upgrades.
The City of Melfort is formalizing how it will help sports organization that own their own buildings with capital upgrades.

MELFORT — With Melfort's curling club working on building upgrades, and golf club looking at doing the same, the city has decided to formalize how those kinds of organizations can apply for city funding.

Both organization own their own buildings.

The City of Melfort recently approved a new policy to help support sports organizations that own buildings and provide measurable benefits to the community of Melfort that would allow them to apply for funding during the budget process.

“The sport facility grant policy has been developed to support sports organizations that own buildings and provide measurable recreational benefits to the community," said Rob Lok, director of community services. "The city recognizes that sport organizations that own buildings required for providing recreational activities to the community carry an extra burden that other sports providers do not endure because they use city facilities.”

This policy will help provide an opportunity for sports organizations who own buildings to apply for a grant annually that will be considered during the city’s budget process.

“At this point in time, we believe it is only the curling rink and the golf course who would be eligible under this policy, but that could change in the future."

In the new policy the city's objective is to build capacity with the sports sector in Melfort for the community’s well-being.

The City of Melfort shared the draft policy with the Melfort Curling Club and Melfort Golf & Country Club. Recently the Melfort Curling Club has identified $3.9 million worth of capital upgrades that are required. Through grants and other donations these upgrades were valued at $505,000, and is underway and fully funded.

The Melfort Golf & Country Club also required capital upgrades for its clubhouse. The city did not have a formalized process for non-profit sport recreation clubs to request support request capital funds until the approval of this policy.

The city will now provide up to 25 per cent funding for the eligible project cost, and the maximum grant amount is $250,000. The policy also states the full amount a sports club could receive within a five-year time frame is $250,000.

Sport organization projects will be assessed against other capital projects. The city’s capital project(s) will likely be deferred if a sport club application is successful.

To qualify you must be:

  1. A registered non-profit sports organization whose primary mandate is to deliver sports programming in Melfort, own a building(s) and be overseen by a provincial or national governing sports organization.
  2. Be registered as a non-profit corporation federally or with Information Services Corporation (ISC) in Saskatchewan.
  3. Have been incorporated and in existence for a minimum of one year.
  4. Have appropriate liability and participant insurance for the proposed project – requirements outlined in the agreement.
  5. Be up-to-date and in good standing with any previous grant received for the City.

Eligible projects include: Accessibility Upgrades, Building System(s) Rehabilitation (Civil, Electrical, Energy, Mechanical, Plumbing, Structural and Technology), Building Replacements and additions, Feasibility Studies, Predesigns.

The City of Melfort staff will evaluate the merit of the project and there is evidence of community support in the format of volunteer time, contributions from other organizations and cash or in-kind support from corporate sponsors and individual donor(s).

The city will only accept and process applications submitted online before the grant deadline. The grant deadline is Aug. 31.