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Here’s what you need to know to register for kindergarten

Kindergarten registrations are open for the North East School Division and Horizon School Division.
Those living in the Horizon and North East school divisions can register for kindergarten.

NORTHEAST — Both the Horizon and North East school divisions are accepting registration for kindergarten.

"Kindergarten is such an important milestone for children and their caregivers,” said Kevin Garinger, Horizon’s director of education “Our early years teachers are thrilled to welcome students to this new journey filled with learning and growth.”

In the North East School Division, parents are asked to go to the website of the school their child will attend and fill out the online registration form. If a paper copy is required, please contact the school.

The Horizon School division are inviting parents to complete a Student Registration Form (warning: .pdf) and either drop it off in person, or email it to the school. If their child will be riding the bus, the school will collect information and connect with Horizon School Division's transportation department.

Kindergarten students must be five years of age by Dec. 31 in the year they intend to start school. They do not attend full time. Your school will share the Kindergarten schedule with you.

Depending on the school, there could be registration events and sneak peeks that parents can attend.

“As a caregiver who is sending a little one off to Kindergarten for the first time, it's important to remember that every child is unique and will adjust at their own pace,” said a release from Horizon. “Providing emotional support, positive reinforcement, and being patient will help the child feel more comfortable and confident during this transition.”


Some tips to prepare children for Kindergarten

  • Establishing routines for bedtime, mealtime, and other daily activities can help children adjust to a new schedule. Providing opportunities for children to interact with other kids can help them develop social skills and feel comfortable in a classroom setting.
  • Reading books together helps children develop language and literacy skills.
  • Encouraging children to dress themselves, use the bathroom independently, and take care of their belongings can help them feel more confident and prepared for school.
  • Play is an important part of children's development, and it can help them develop problem-solving and creativity skills that will be useful in school.