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Nipawin district hairstylist celebrates 50th anniversary

Maureena’s Country Curls opened in 1976.
Maureena Schreiner celebrated the 50th anniversary of her business, Maureena’s Country Curls, on Jan. 14.

NIPAWIN – A Nipawin district hairstylist celebrated 50 years in the business.

Maureena Schreiner of Maureena’s Country Curls marked the occasion on Jan. 14 with a customer appreciation celebration.

The day turned out to be one of the coldest days so far this winter, but over 100 clients made the trip to celebrate 50 years in business of Maureena’s Country Curls.

In 1973, Schreiner graduated from Marvel and accepted her first job at Andrea’s Carrousel. Maureena’s Country Curls opened in 1976, in Maureena’s mobile home. After 50 years she wanted to celebrate and thank her clients who have stayed with her for all these years.

"As most of my clients are seniors, I wasn’t sure how many would make it that day because of the cold weather," Schreiner said. "But I had over 100 people signed the guest book. I even had clients drive all the way from Candle Lake. They all got cake, coffee, punch pens, calendars and everyone got a door prize.”

Schreiner is happy and grateful that so many did come to help celebrate her milestone.

“I remember 1973 like it was yesterday. Graduating from Grade 12 in the first semester from LP Miller High school in Nipawin and starting my hairdressing course at Marvel Hairdressing school February.”

Schreiner started her first job at Andrea’s Carrousel in Nipawin. She worked in town for three years and decided to do hair at her home about 12 miles northeast of Nipawin where she still runs her business today. Maureena’s Country Curls came to life.

After a few years, the Schreiners built a new home where she was able to have a larger salon. Schreiner has worked for the Nipawin Housing Authority where she still continues today after 30 years. She has been able to provide hair services to many seniors over the years. Schreiner eventually started doing hair at the Pineview Lodge special care home as well and is still continues today.

“When you have done someone’s hair that long they are not just clients they are family! I enjoy what I do and am still capable of doing it so will continue doing it as long as someone trusts me to get in my chair!”

Schreiner said, “My first client at Andrea’s Carrousel, Shirley McIvor and my Grade 1 teacher Sonja Erickson are very dedicated, loyal clients and friends!”

“I just won't promise there will be a 55-year party.”