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Queen Jubilee Medals handed out to Carrot River residents

Roman Charko, Pat Brown and Wilf Wolowski each received a Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal.

CARROT RIVER — Three Carrot River residents were among those recognized for their volunteer efforts.

Roman Charko, Pat Brown and Wilf Wolowski each received a Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal.


Roman Charko

Roman Charko is the current mayor for the Town of Carrot River and has given many years of service to supporting his community’s growth. He has served as council for both the RM of Moose Range and the Town of Carrot River. He promotes growth in northeast Saskatchewan, lobbies for regional development that aids businesses in our area and in recent years has been a huge supporter of our local JR. B hockey club the OUTBACK Thunder. Roman has worked to support refugees, offering assistance and his home to individuals from Ukraine who are looking for a safe haven during trying times in their home country, said the Carrot River Facebook page.


Pat Brown

Pat Brown is a kind and caring staple in his community, many people have had their lives positively impacted by her community spirit. Pat has always been a support for her community and more recently has been integral to the quality of life for Senior Citizens in Carrot River. She sits on the Carrot River Senior Citizens Group with Pioneer Place and drives many to and from appointments and performs other acts of giving.


Wilf Wolowski

Wilf Wolowski is a resident in the RM of Moose Range and a member of the Carrot River community. Wilf has served as a municipal leader in various roles, offering his commitment to municipal governance. Wilf has been a promoter of rural life, supporting neighbors and young people in true Saskatchewan spirit. Wilf is known to be the guy to go to for guidance in the community and he will be there to help and share his knowledge from his experience and a kindness that allows you to learn and grow.

“We thank each of you for your service and dedication to growing community here at home, within our province, our country and the world as a whole,” the Carrot River facebook page said. “You serve as a great role model for our future, and we are proud that you call Carrot River home. Congratulations.”