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Town of Tisdale replacing water lines by Memorial Park

The town budgets to replace two to four blocks of water lines per year.
Tisdale is replacing the water line on 96th Avenue by Memorial Park.

TISDALE – The Town of Tisdale is replacing water lines in town to reduce water breaks throughout the winter months.

Brad Hvidston, Chief Administrative Officer for the Town of Tisdale, said these water line replacements are a part of their annual capital asset plan. This was a planned replacement and the Town of Tisdale does two to four blocks per year in the annual budget.

Hvidston said every year the town budgets to replace two to four blocks of the oldest water lines or water lines that had the most breaks.

"Fifteen years ago, we started this program due to the fact that they were experiencing 30 to 35 water main breaks each winter," he said. "Due to frost and winter conditions the winter repairs are not ideal for our staff and are more expensive. Since we have worked diligently on this program we have significantly reduced the number of water breaks that we experience in the winter months. We have had some valve leaks and service line leaks but in the last three winters we are down to one break per winter."

The total cost of the project was estimated at $110,000. The Town of Tisdale also did 101st Avenue from 100th Street to 99th Street this year.