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Weekes' Salmond brothers race for glory at Calgary Stampede

Evan Salmond and Wade Salmond are racing chuckwagons at the Calgary Stampede.
Evan Salmond, here racing in the red andwhite wagon with a DeHavilland aircraft sponsorship, is competing at the Calgary Stampede.

HUDSON BAY — A set of brothers from Weekes will be competing at the Calgary Stampede’s chuckwagon races.

Evan Salmond is currently sitting in the top three chuckwagon racing standings in the WPCA and is looking to win big in Calgary this year. This year will be a bit different, with his brother Wade Salmond making it into the Stampede as well.

The Salmond brothers grew up in Weekes and chuckwagons and racing is imbedded in their family tree. Evan said his Uncle Raymond and cousin raced thoroughbred chuckwagons and that’s what got him started. Wade started racing chariots at the age of 14 years old and chuckwagons at 15 years and credits his dad in getting into the sport.

“I was born into chuckwagon racing,” Evan said. “My whole family has been involved with racing chariots and chuckwagons. My great-great grandfather drove stagecoach.”

Evan’s season has been going well so far with his team in the top 5 in standings. Salmond said things can change in a hurry depending on how a weekend goes. The Calgary Stampede goes from July 7 to 16.

Wade said he has struggled to start the season with penalties causing him trouble. Wade currently sits 18th at the time the article was written.

Chuckwagon racing requires a lot of time and commitment. Both brothers have raced in three shows and have eight to go for the remainder of the season. When heading to the Calgary Stampede, they bring at least 18 horses each.

Evan has been knocking at the door and has been a semifinalist in the Calgary stampede four times. This will be Evan’s eighth time competing in the Stampede.

Wade was invited to the Calgary Stampede in 2020 but COVID hit and chuckwagons didn’t race in 2021. Wade is excited at his first opportunity at the big show.

Evan’s biggest wins were in Grande Prairie for $50,000 Dash for Cash in 2018 and Medicine Hat 2012 and most recently winning Dewberry in 2022.

Wade’s biggest wins would be making the NACC Dash for Cash in Lloydminster for $100,000, losing by an inch and ended up with $25,000

Evan Salmond has two children, Rose, 8, and Cash, 6, turning 7 in July. The whole Salmond crew, including his wife Adriane, travel with him the whole season and look forward to hitting the road. Their youngest, Cash, was born in Red Deer two days after the 2016 Calgary stampede.

“We are proud to have DeHavilland aircraft of Canada be our main sponsor for the tour and the Calgary stampede,” Evan said. “They are onboard with us for the next three seasons. They have been building airplanes in Canada for nearly 100 years. They just recently sent a water bomber out to Saskatchewan.”

Wade and his wife Kim help on the family farm and ranch. Wade and Kim have two daughters, Marty, 15, and Jorja, who’s 13 years old, and their son, Luke who is eight years old. Wade said his family are with him for the majority of the time during the racing season. He appreciates having his family with him as they are a big help with the horses and everything else that comes with Chuckwagon racing.

Wade also wanted to thank Bruce Ridsdale, who is his main guy who helps with his horses and goes with Wade the entire season. You can check out all the results at

Barrel Racer Bertina Olafson, who also comes from Hudson Bay was also close to making the Stampede again this year, unfortunately she sat in eight place and only the top four are invited to the Calgary Stampede.