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All Saints Catholic Church parishioners welcome new priest

Mayfair News: Rabbit Lake hall in need of repair
Snow pile
Americans have been advised to stay away from the bitter Canadian winter.

MAYFAIR ‑‑ We blew out the old year with extreme cold weather and rang in the New Year with the same temperatures. Belated greetings to the Ukrainians who observe the Julian calendar.

The communities of Mayfair and Whitkow were shocked to hear longtime resident Karpo Stokalko passed away on New Year's Day in Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon. He always had a big smile and a positive attitude towards life. Karpo made the time to chat with everyone he encountered. Deepest sympathy to his wife Gloria and their children Crystal, Catherine and Daniel and families. Karpo attended Mayfair Central School as did his children until it closed in June 2004. Deceased last year, Raymond, his father, was a teacher for many years.

Condolences to 95-year-old Earl Van Nortwick's family, wife Ann, sons Ronald and Norman, daughter Charlene and their families on his recent passing in Battlefords Union Hospital. Earl and Ann farmed most of their lives until moving into a seniors' complex five years ago. They were well known for their Aberdeen Angus cattle with which they won many awards at cattle shows. Son Ron and grandson Riley (Norman and Jackie's son) are farming the land and take care of an Angus herd.

All Saints Catholic Church in Mayfair has a new priest who said mass last Sunday. Father Godwin hails from Davidson. The regular Sunday church service is at 8:30 a.m.

Oldest son Curtis, wintering in sunny Costa Rica, reports that due to lack of tourism the past two years things have become more expensive, especially hotel accommodations. He moves from one beach to the next in search of good surfing, the main objective of his trip. Several of his Scott Lake fishing guide friends live permanently in Costa Rica. One owns a big yacht and books fishing tours during the winter months and flies back to Canada for four months in the summer to guide here.

An agricultural company, Nutrient Ag Solutions, ran a contest covering Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in December. They offered a people's choice award and a grand prize of $10,000 to do upgrades in a community. Rabbit Lake partook in this contest but fell short in its votes. The voting was done online for only a few days. The village hall was built in 1946 and is in need of repairs. Expensive upgrades were made in recent years, but COVID-19 quashed their fundraising efforts. Since 2021 the dance floor has been damaged, a window needs replaced and the kitchen ventilation system needs attention. The town of Ituna received the award in December.

There is a warning for Americans not to enter Canada now during our winter. But if needing to come travellers are advised to pack a toque and bring a snow shovel, but our neighbours are not familiar with the word "toque."