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Baljennie News: WDM honours long-serving volunteers

Activities return to the summer scene.
Saskatoon Berries
Wild saskatoon berries are bountiful this season after being scarce in previous summers.

BALJENNIE — The Western Development Museum in North Battleford volunteers are kept busy in the workshop. They restore antique stationary engines to make them run again. The museum has opened up more for more volunteers to come in to help at the museum. A summer show is in planning stages for later in August.

The museum hosted a supper for workers and volunteers. They gave out service pins to volunteers who have served many years. Some members of the Saskatoon Western Development Museum attended. There was a good turnout.

First Nations of the area have been hosting events. Now more and more people from the area and all over the world are coming to learn about the culture of the First Nations people. They have a teepee set up on the museum grounds.

Field crops are developing quickly. The haying season is now on. Cut hay will dry fast with the hot days we have been having. Bales are being made quickly.

Ag In Motion was held near Saskatoon after two years absence. It brought in many interested farmers world-wide as well as locals. Many companies were there with displays and large machinery. Many demonstrations were given in the fields.

There seem to be some wild saskatoon berries to bring out the berry pickers. Saskatoon berries have been scarce the last few years. I really miss picking and canning saskatoons. A good friend picked a few and brought them in for us to enjoy.

Gardens are now starting to produce fresh vegetables and the flowers are beautiful right now. A big thank you to a good friend at the museum for giving us a few new potatoes. What a treat that was.

Regular activities have returned to the summer scene. The agricultural society fair is coming back in August. Society volunteers are getting the grounds ready. It’s so nice to see the fair back.