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Bjorkdale News: St. Brieux campground filled to capacity

Tour of the town included businesses, housing, traditional church and school.
St. Brieux shrine
A visit to a traditional church and a shrine at the entrance to the camp were among the highlights of a camping trip at St. Brieux.

BJORKDALE Accommodation during our camping trip at St. Brieux when at top capacity was made up of two campers, one motor home, two tents, seven vehicles with occupants, seven young and one very senior woman, nine males and three dogs. At the dock, the Tremblay’s pontoon boat was parked, available for fishing cruises and just plain relaxing with a light raft for the brave and daring. 

When travelling on the raft, rider’s hats were threatened with wind-removal, so Johanna set a new style by anchoring hers with a bungy cord (very effective and attractive). Added to that the usual facilities are available, some by humans, some that nature offers.

Cranberries and saskatoons were ripening, and the smaller creatures are active, especially the squirrels. One seemed to have been attracted to something inside the Leepart’s motor home and was determined to get inside.

We took a short tour of the town and were impressed by the housing, new and established businesses, the school, the traditional church and the shrine at the entrance to the camp.

When we returned to the farm there was a short interval of drought followed by a crew of workers and we’re once again a member of the water people.