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Borden and District News: Prizes awarded in a wide array of categories at Radisson Fair

Slo-pitch champs declared among 20 entries.

BORDEN — Stott and Co, won the A side of the Radisson Fair slo-pitch tournament over Rob Dawgs Wolfpack. On the B side, Groovy Bananas defeated the Maxwell team. Beudoin defeated Nice Snatch, on the C side and Find the Hole defeated Sandy’s Sentinels in the D event. Other winners were Cherry Blaster over Jagermeister. The Gong Show tied with Little Amson so split the prize money. Arnie’s Angels won over Nuttings, Cunning Stunts won over Twin Lakes, Swingers defeated Aaronators and Walk it Off were defeated by Dream Krushers. Each time a team won they received $40 in the tournament and more in finals.

Mini tractor pull results from Aug. 6: ages 3/4 -Taylor Pidwerbesky; ages 5/6 - Owen Pidwerbesky; ages 7/8 - Paisha Beaudoin; ages 9/10 - Gage Matechuk.

High point award winners for exhibits were: sheaves - Carter Amson; grains for seed - Carter Amson; vegetables - Loretta Flath, Gail Schoenroth, Sylvia Crabb; garden fruits - Loretta Flath Shirley Hawes Parker Miller; canned goods - Loretta Flath, Martha Lessing, Sylvia Crabb; domestic products (baking) -Linda Yuskiw, Darlene Kindt, Terry King; needlework - Shirley McKellar, Linda Hosegood, Diane Booth; outdoor flowers - Cathy Miller, Melissa Hosegood, Linda Yuskiw; house plants - Chris Donaldson, Parker Miller, Carter Miller;

Crafts (open class) - Angie Hamp, Chris Donaldson, Gail Schoenroth; art (open) - Jan Louis, Parker Miller, Carter Miller; photography - Bill Sherlock, Vicky Clayton, Chris Donaldson; junior photography - Cace Donaldson and Marieka Beaudoin, Grace Siebert and Paisha Beaudoin; junior art (17 and under) - Zoe Walker, Carter Miller, Parker Miller, Rachel Siebert, Piper Hawrysh and Samuel Herman;

Junior work (pre-school and kindergarten) - Laurel Kahovec, Oliver Hosegood, Rhett Elash-Roy; (6-12 years) - Kennedy Kahovec, Andrea Kahovec, Nathan King; teenagers’ work - Parker Miller, Bethany King, Jessica Flath, Grace Siebert and Emily Kindt;

School work - kindergarten - Oliver Hosegood, Ruby G (Froom); Grade 1 - Kennedy Kahovec and Lily Hosegood, Dallon Neher; Grade 2 - Jaxton Amson, Ryker Lynn; Grade 3 - Hannah Hamp, Hadley Kieper, Jeht Flath; Grade 4 - Nathan King, Andrea Kahovec, Braxzen Borowski; Grade 5 - Liam Walker; Grade 6 - Carter Miller Rachel Siebert Joelle Flath.

The vintage tractor pull drew 48 entries. Class winners were: 4,000 lbs - Conner Rothenburger, Brennan Hosegood (Jeremy owner); 5,000 lbs - David Valliere; Rob Rothenburger; 6,000 lbs - Harold Wood (trophy class), Andrew Hawrysh; 7,000 lbs - Jeremy Hosegood, Russell Schultz; 8,000 lbs - Travis Loessin, Jeremy Hosegood; 9,000 lbs - Jeremy Hosegood, Greg Flath; 10,000 lbs - Jim Attrux, Jeremy Hosegood; 12,000 lbs - Les Wilkie, Nolan Loessin.

Radisson Senior Club raffle winners were Joann Grismer, Ron Bezugly of Borden, Lisa Rascher of Radisson, Leona Crabb of Ottawa, Ont., Mary Scott of Maymont; Mitch Nutting and Pat Morgan of Sonningdale. The three quilt prizes had been donated by the Cottin Pickin’ Quilters from Radisson.

Borden School will be starting up Sept. 1 for students with a new principal, Trevor Gerwing, in charge of Borden School. Teachers are: kindergarten/SERT - Camryn Junop; Grade1/2 - Taylor McGregor; kindergarten, Grade 3/4 -Terri Troupe-Logue; Grade 5/6 - Madison Wilker; elementary, middle years and high school - MacKenzie Martell and Nicole Kaufman; PAA/industrial arts - Brendan Proctor; PAA/home economics – Rebecca Ryde; educational associates - Linda Yuskiw, April Rothenburger and Taylor Smith; administration assistant – Angelena Lukan; and custodian - Marylee Mikituk. Bus drivers will be Chanda Chabot, Penny Fairbrother and Carl Kennedy.