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Cards an enduring Christmas tradition

Baljennie News: Thinking of you at Christmas and throughout the year
Vintage Christmas Card
A cute Victorian Christmas card showing a young boy wearing a knickerbocker suit out walking with his dog. Butterflies flutter past on a sunny day - obviously not in December. The dog is wearing a red lead decorated with bells.

BALJENNIE ‑ This will be my final submission for 2021. I'll be back in the new year of 2022.

It seems the first Christmas cards were printed in London in 1846. Almost 1,000 copies were made and that would have been considered a large run at the time. It was not until about 1860 that the custom of using cards to convey Christmas greetings became popular. The tradition has gained strength through the years and today Christmas cards are still produced in the millions.

We rejoice in the sound of the words and the glory of the message of "on Earth, peace and good will to men." But, we do not always the feel the real meaning in our hearts and put it to work in our lives.

We are thinking of you at Christmas and throughout the year. We may not be able to tell you about it every day, but that makes no difference, as the thoughts and the wishes are the same.

Because it is Christmas, so many things follow. Because it is Christmas, the world stands still for awhile in reverent memory of the Christ child's birth. Because it is Christmas we hope anew for peace on Earth. Because it is Christmas we resolve that the spirt of Christmas will stay with us through the year. And the steady flow of hope and good will continues to keep togethers those who put their trust in the power of loving kindness and in all that we mean by humanity.

Here is my greetings, which I am writing with my own hand. May the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you all.

My husband Stanley and I would like to wish a merry Christmas and happy New Year to all the Battlefords Regional News Optimist staff and all the country correspondents, of whom they are few left to report community happenings. I have been reporting the Baljennie news form more than 40 years. I have it enjoyed it very much. It's a little difficult to get community news as I now live in Battleford.

Holly, jolly Christmas to all.


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