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Christmas carol sing along sets tone for the season

Meota News: Cold weather rings in rink activity
Meota seniors
At the coffee party Wednesday morning at the Do Drop In, an ice cream cake was enjoyed by about a dozen folks in celebration of birthdays that week. Honoured were sisters Linda Ard and Lorna Pearson as well as Eric Callbeck.

MEOTA ‑ The warm weather last week meant winter will be that much shorter, and we appreciated every nice day. Many folks were out walking, but you had to be careful, as it was very icy.

Bridge was played Nov. 30 at the Pioneer Hall, with three tables in play. Top score was by Donna Scherman and Gerry Craig followed by two couples who were tied for second and third. These were Catriona Winterholt and Cletus Scherman and Leona and Etta Meisner. Dec. 2 there were three tables with top score by Donna Scherman and Eric Callbeck with second going to Jean Lawes and Fraser Glen.

That afternoon we had a heavy snowfall that left more ice because it was warm and melting everywhere. If I had not cleaned the car off that day, it would have been frozen solid with frozen doors, windshield wipers and so on. Cleaning the yard was also a big job, but my daughter Sal visiting from Beauval, helped. Then Joyce came for the weekend from Wetaskiwin, Alta. to share in birthday cakes and meals.

Canasta was played Friday afternoon in the Do Drop In with four tables in play. Top scores went to Eric Callbeck and Terry Neale. Second were Evelyn Dutton and Linda Ard and third were David Ottas and Albert Huys. Everyone enjoyed the nice afternoon outing.

The annual Christmas supper was enjoyed by a couple dozen seniors at the Do Drop In Dec. 5. There was lots of room, so people were not crowded. Everyone joined in singing Christmas carols after the meal with Sharon Bridges on the piano. Such activity gets one into the Christmas spirit.

Action is on at the skating and curling rinks, so it will be a good winter for shinny and curling.