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Snow puts an end to an extended, mild autumn

Meota News: Memorial Hill an appropriate place for Remembrance Day observance

MEOTA ‑ Now we have snow, but certainly have appreciated the long fall we enjoyed. The Canada geese are not happy and will be leaving soon. 

Gill Cadrin and his sons Tal and Evan chose to go to Memorial Hill for the 11th hour on Remembrance Day. Leo and Trudy Janssens were able to share with the Cadrin’s how significant Remembrance Day is for them. As Dutch immigrants, the Janssens will be forever grateful to the Canadians who liberated Holland. Seeing the Allied tanks roll through Holland is Leo’s earliest childhood memory.

A few played bridge at the Do Drop In Monday afternoon with top score going to Vern Iverson. In second was Eric Callbeck and Warren Iverson was third. Bridge was played in the city on Tuesday afternoon, with two and a half tables in play. Earning top score were Margaret Dyck and Vern Iverson. In second were Gerry Craig and Cletus Scherman.

Linda Ard and three other members of the OES Chapter No. 4 drove to Saskatoon for a meeting Nov. 6. It was an interesting day well spent.

Norwegian whist was played at the Do Drop In with high score going to Albert Huys, followed by Bev McCrimmon, Vern Iverson and Eric Callbeck.

Visiting her mother, Lorna Pearson, from Taber, Alta. was Beth Wynne, and from Shaunavon, her niece, Sharon Zarry. The few days went quickly and other people who visited were Beth's aunt Linda Ard, uncle Brad Pearson and aunt Kelly Kightley.

Those arriving in Yuma, Ariz. this early are finding they need their air conditioners working as the temperature is still at 83 F in the daytime or near 30 C.